Michał Rościszewski

Project Manager
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My mission is to create an organization with a high positive impact on the lives of other people in accordance with the ideology of effective altruism. I am an environmental engineer, entrepreneur, project manager and by education designer of sanitary installations and run my own business. I am a passionate volunteer of the Effective Altruism Poland foundation, where I connect entrepreneurs from high-impact organizations through networking. I reached the top 6% of applicants in the CE Program

How others can help me

Networking: Because I have developed a large network of connections in the EA community, I can connect with the right people to achieve your goals. 

Mentoring: I am currently going through a mentoring process to grow my business. I see mentoring as a very effective development tool, so I am looking for a Mentor who will guide me on the right EA path. In addition, I will gladly take on the role of Mentor for younger colleagues entering the world of EA and entrepreneurship. 

Co-founder: I am also open to finding a partner to launch an effective organization in near future. I reached the top 6% applicants in the Charity Entrepreneurship incubation program. Project management: I have great competence in project and team management and I will be happy to support you if you need to consult your project.

How I can help others

My goal is to meet many people who are developing their own high-impact organizations and to get tips on what resources and competences are needed for this (so that I can develop them). I am looking for partners with whom I can start my own organization or join an existing one. I am looking for a mentor who would support me in the process of directing my career towards EA.



I have doubts about the following two points, I would love to hear your point of view.
1. Tobacco taxation leads to the diversion of significant sums of money to the State budget. We have no control over how these resources will be used, whether they will produce more good or evil.
2. For poorer households, tobacco taxes may not be significant enough to give up smoking, and the only thing they will lead to is a reduction in the budget for other more important areas (healthy eating, spots, drugs, etc.)

These are very exciting news :)

I am waiting impatiently for the first results of the work of the new department !

Hi Tereza !

First of all, congratulations on your ambition and perseverance in your project!
In this publication, you touch on many aspects of typically well-being, happy existence and social cooperation. These are not areas in which I am an expert, so let me go a little further and ask you what tangible next steps you plan to take in the field of investment, not just research? Do you see promising prospects for such an investment? Which organizatsions could provide funding (or are already doing so?). Who do you need on the team to work on it? Of course, I ask for a reason :) As you know, I work in a similar industry to you (designing installations in buildings) and, like you, I am looking for a place to use my competences in the EA world. I am excited about your research and would like to consider joining forces on such a project. If you have time and space to expand this discussion, I'm waiting for it on priv :)