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Hi there! I'm Miguel De Guzman an accountant, stoic and futurist. 

Just trying to do more good in this lifetime!  

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I'm looking for work that is directly involved in Effective Altruism..

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I'm extremely good at attacking ideas - even complex ones.  just shoot me a message in twitter or here in the forum...


Hi  Milan,


I came from the traditional accounting/ internal audit where governance teams and internal controls at the very least are installed and due diligence is a best practice especially in large sums of money being distributed. I am new here to the EA community and have expected similar protocols are in place as large scale fraud is not some new thing - it had brought down the accounting profession in 2001 (Enron) and the mortgage crisis in 2008 (Lehman). 

I guess what is clear to me is EA lacks the expertise on fraud / error detection, moreover has to make some improvements in the near future.


All the best, 


But a good question is how do you tackle something that is hard earned truths?

Like utopian visions ending up to corrupt all of its founders and the people who believed in it (communism in Russia, China or Cambodia)? Are we always going to leave open ends and keep inquiring even if we have basically tried to repeat the same errors that even have caused massive hurt, deaths and suffering as a civilization? 

I see a trend now in fraud that we just as a society is very vulnerable to it - is it really to complex for us? or is it a but that we have in our cognitive ability and only few can understand significant effects of small deceptive actions that aggregates like snowballs growing to avalanches of suffering?

I would appreciate your comment on this Habryka. Thank you.

Given that I have been encouraging lots of people to write more about the FTX situation, I want to clarify that I have a dispreference for posts like this. I don't think they are terrible, but the kind of writing that I am interested in is people sharing observations and hypotheses and trying to do collective sense-making, and not public statements like this, which seem to only communicate information that helps people orient incidentally to their more social-reality based core content.


I agree with this criticism. I will do my best to reduce my inherent bias to my real world experiences and be on an inquisitive mode moving forward. Thanks Habryka.

okay, I found an earlier comment. 

so the choice of words was the problem. hmmm. sorry for that I guess. At least we are on the same page as to where should we place our view on fraudulent behavior.

It is very weird that this comment got downvoted so much even though that this was my experience in the business world. I'm getting the impression that many do not understand fraud and that is why it keeps on repeating like a pattern that affects so many people negatively. 

I would appreciate proper criticisms so I can explain further why fraud is unacceptable at all levels especially in organizational or business setting.

Thanks Linch, Probably I phrased it wrongly. But  what my thought process was lying to save jews because the Gestapos where following a wrong worldview is not lying for me - that is doing the morally correct thing, prevent people from dying.

Money either can make or break anyone - it multiplies who we really are as a person. Thank you as well for recognizing that I am zeroing in at the fraud, internal controls and governance issues but these concepts will never get implemented properly if we  do not agree with the basic notion of what is truthful in this community. This is why I am trying to ask questions related to how can the act of lying be justified - I run marathons and there is no way I can do it through without training, same with martial arts where I have to repeat certain front flips or left kicks for a year or two just to get it right or even the daily one hour routine of playing the guitar to get better.  I have been to so many positions in life and never have found a use case for lying - ever.

Another thing, this community seems to be ahead of the existential risks research /actions yet got blindsided by SBF. I want to share that it is becoming a trend since we had the ability to increase the reach of our communication through phones, radio, tv, paper or now the internet - bad ideas that affects large swats of the population gets pushed so easily. Scandals like Theranos, FTX, Lehman were somewhat abstraction of post modernism that is an upgrade from the marxist view - I am very worried that the true existential threat is actually that we as a society is not equipped as a whole to understand complex bad ideas creeping into our daily lives. Nuclear weapons, AI misalignment,  pandemics, climate catastrophe and etc are actually easier to solve if we get society to band together - yet these major frauds are hitting the us like gut punches and dividing the world more...If I will bet on what is the priority truly - it is totalitarian ideas like what SBF did can floor civilization to its knees.

In my view, the Gestapo is acting in a lie  as they are similar to regular policemen in Poland that believed in the Nazi narrative and eventually ended up becoming mercenaries that shoot pregnant women at the back of their head (As described in the book Ordinary Men) - Communism, Nazism and other totalitarian views have the initial goal of saving people and making the best case scenarios and ends up becoming diabolical pursuits as the utopian vision that they are trying to sell to people becomes the source of lies that the average person need to tackle like the example you just describe Habryka. 

Unless you can justify that grand narrative that the Gestapos are following is for the common good, I cannot consider the example a correct position to lie - as for me saving people is not lying. 

(a place to actually think carefully about when it's correct to lie, instead of trying to oversimplify the rules of ethics into a something that doesn't actually end up having to do much with my daily decision making).

You mean you think that there is a position where lying is acceptable? Please explain further..

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