Mike Kao

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I am a dedicated health professional with extensive experience helping clients achieve their wellness goals.


I struggled with low energy and fatigue for quite some time. Recently, I've realized the value of carving out some "me time" to rest and do activities I find renewing. For me, watching lighthearted movies or webtoons. about everyday stories really lifts my spirits.

I like to create a peaceful environment where I can immerse myself without distractions - maybe with some cozy blankets, low lighting, and hot tea. 

There's this one Webtoon called "Daily Joys" that follows the sweet adventures of a bunny family that always makes me smile. Spending 30 minutes or so simply enjoying the characters' wholesome world recharges me.

Of course, we all need to find what works best for our own health and happiness. Making self-care through rejuvenating activities a regular habit has been so important for my energy levels, rather than pushing myself too hard. 

I hope anyone struggling with fatigue or dull moods can explore little pockets of joy like this in their day. They don't have to be big things - just meaningful bits of light to sustain you.