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Software developer focused on mobile apps - iOS and Android. Interested in establishing a local EA movement.


Is funding limited only to yet-to-be-founded organizations? I'm asking because my company (Simprints, a tech non-profit) is starting a new project in Ghana for the distribution (among other vaccines) of the new malaria vaccine. As part of the program we are evaluating an option to send SMS reminders to caregivers. If this is a funding opportunity for us, I can forward it to our partnerships team but don't want to waste yours and their time if it's not.

  • If you can do something about it - do it!
    Here is the part where you stock food, water, fuel, heating sources, pack emergency baggage, plan routes, etc. I don't know where you live but keep in mind that the worst scenario (all-out nuclear war) isn't the only one - a 'regular' war is more likely. It will also require more actions since in the case of nuclear war you might not have a chance to react.
  • If you cannot do anything about it - just stop worrying about it!
    I know it sounds easy and I know that it isn't. But in the end worrying about things you cannot change is pointless so we should try to avoid it. I have found meditation useful in calming my mind which has been churning war thoughts the better part of the last 2 weeks.