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EA frontpages should compare/contrast with other movements

It would be nice to learn what movements exist besides EA.
It may be beneficial for people to find those movements.
Overviews could be done within EA forum articles first.

EA directory of ideas

Another way of doing newsletter is:

  • That single person could be a moderator in EA directory of ideas. That person could add missing ideas on his own account to this directory.
  • System could generate newsletter automatically based on directory content.
  • You could subscribe to personalized newsletter generated just for you, based on the preferences you select.
  • You would be able to edit content on the directory to hide things.
Yonatan Cale's Shortform

Thanks for insights. Now I am working a smaller idea - "EA directory of ideas" to address previous flaws from social network idea. It is many times simpler idea (than a social network) and solves many specific problems that exist right now. I am searching for feedback, wrote you a PM.

Prototype of re-imagined social network for EA community

Hi, thanks, seeing results so far and thinking more for the last week I fully agree. Although not considering joining the team since other plans.

Prototype of re-imagined social network for EA community

2) We live in this beautiful world because of innovation. Every new idea that were successful improved our life. And life was improved because of innovation happening. I think duplicating efforts is a great thing. The more people diverge and try different things, the more likely something new will be created, and by extension life will be improved.

3) I don't know concept like this existing. This idea is not proven to work. Almost all new ideas fail. So this has to be proven first before adding to the forum.

Thanks for practical feedback :)

Reimagining a social network for EA community

Update 2022-03-04.

A prototype was created to test this concept. More info in a new article: 


Reimagining a social network for EA community

True, this has to be done through smaller steps like a prototype. It can be implement in many shapes and forms. I am working on such ideas right now. All other points you wrote are valid and, I guess, are solvable. Good to hear the concept is not flawed in fundamental ways. Thanks for your comment.

Reimagining a social network for EA community

Good point about LinkedIn. It seems like it is a very good networking tool for enterprise. It helps to find employees, partners and clients for businesses, and visa versa. Then they network in order to do business together. It looks like LinkedIn covers the needs of business already. So this concept may add no value to them, mainly because of their competitive nature and large scale. Companies will not want to share they day to day activities, nor they day to day goals.

But it would add new value for non-profit organizations and effective altruists to solve world problems, because of collaborative nature and decentralization. EA members work towards common goals with decentralized initiative - there is a lot of space to innovate this process, mainly because community like effective altruists never existed before.

True, it may be difficult to define goals and start using. Possibly, it may not be an issue - users may find a lot of inspiration from many examples in other profiles. There might be a button to clone those examples and modify them.

Goals could be a practical smaller things to achieve. You need something a little bit and you don't know how to get there, you add it to your profile. Possibly in a private hidden mode too. Then AI should search the match.

It may be difficult to import LinkedIn profile, because the structure is completely different. Unless artificial intelligence would scan your profile and define goals for you, but that looks not real, unless LinkedIn has some information on profiles that could be converted to goal statements and descriptions?