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The case for infant outreach

LOL "0% of respondents heard about EA or EA-adjacent ideas before age 2."

Despite billions of extra funding, small donors can still have a significant impact

Thanks for highlighting the potential of small donors to support political candidates and campaigns. In the US, if you expect to take the standard deduction on your taxes, you have a fantastic opportunity to leverage your voice in the democratic process.

Analysis of EA funding within Animal Welfare from 2019-2021

“There’s a relatively small amount of funding towards policy advocacy and legislative change, compared to what I expected, approximately 4.5% average across all three years.“

Could you elaborate on why you were expecting more?

I love this analysis, thanks for taking the time to put it together. I would not have expected it to be so lopsided toward corporate campaigns either.

Interactive Graph of Climate Change Intervention Effects + Reflections

Great analysis. Many of these conclusions were not intuitive. 

For those looking to advance climate solutions, I'll plug Citizens' Climate Lobby which advocates for a price on carbon in Congress. I love political advocacy because it can be done with zero cost (ie writing to/lobbying your elected officials), and is a powerful tool for collective action. 

Working in Congress (Part #1): Background and some EA cause area analysis

I love this. I'm definitely excited to see EAs thinking about effective policy.