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Excellent overview

  •  Including a "country" column might be valuable, especially for the national orgs (or including the location in [brackets] next to the name)
  • You might be able to embed a sheet view directly on the forum (maybe just a static csv file/table, dynamically showing updates on the original spreadsheet, or fully interactive)

Serene moment in midst of all the chaos. Thank you for sharing.

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I was also planning on joining tomorrow. Thank you and see you soon!

I'm helping with creating a central platform connecting funders, talent, ideas, and advisors. Let me know if you'd like to be involved or are interested in more infos on it!


But there doesn’t seem to be a useful slack-like thing for just “I’m going to be living in this place, who can I find housing with?”

Seems to me like EA Houses is doing that. What problem would the slack channel be solving that EAH isn't?


Hi Akash, awesome that you're doing this! 👏🏼 I'm working on putting together reading groups & curated lists [removed the link as it's currently being edited]

Thanks, Pablo! I replied to Michael's message underneath with some examples of how personal development could be structured.
empty tag: now I feel inclined to write a post on productivity :p

"Productivity" is indeed included in the description of the personal development tag. However, I do believe/agree that this is a really big and important category that could be broken down.
Spending a couple of seconds thinking about this, I'd come up with the following suggestions: 
-mental health
-physical health
-PD services
-PD experiments

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