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Clarifying the Giving What We Can pledge

Thanks for writing this. I found it helpful.

One question:

"People who have retired or partially retired [...] can join Giving What We Can and remain members for as long as they continue to donate at least 10% of their spending money (as defined above)."

Is the "10%" number here accurate? At all other locations where "spending money" is mentioned, the corresponding percentage is 1%.

2016 AI Risk Literature Review and Charity Comparison

Hey Kaj! This is not meant as criticism, but in the future, maybe add a disclosure?

Should effective altruists work on taxation of the very rich?

If you ever edit that article, I suggest you rephrase this part:

"If you want to steal money, you rob banks, because that is where the money is. If you want to raise money to fund valuable services, it is natural to think about how to tax the very rich, because they hold a large and growing share of all income and wealth."

I don't know if that juxtaposition is intentional, but it all but implies "taxation is theft" and doesn't fit into an otherwise politically neutral piece.