On Sabbatical | Research & Development Manager
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Actively evaluating a few opportunities for direct work, most likely in AI safety.

Previously led an applied AI research team at a big tech company before taking a year sabbatical to do some creative work and reconsider how I might have a larger impact with my career and time. 

It was during this sabbatical that I learned of the effective altruism movement and have been enjoying working through my own cause prioritization and how I might best contribute my skill set over the last 6 months or so. 

How others can help me

I'm looking to meet people who are passionate about EA and willing to engage in discussing their points of view with someone who is early on in their EA journey! I'm actively evaluating various opportunities to work directly in an EA org, ideally in management role that bridges technical and non-technical folks.

How I can help others

I am available to work directly in EA orgs on people/product/project management or leadership. I am also happy to mentor others early in their career who are interested in growing skills in those areas!


Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Remote: My ideal is a hybrid environment but fully remote or fully onsite are both OK.

Willing to relocate: Hesitant, but will for the right opportunity


  • People Management
    • Hiring & Onboarding, Scoping responsibilities, Performance management, Culture setting, Coaching, Offsites
    • Being a manager has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I love thinking about how to set people up for success.
  • Product/Program Management
    • Managing ambiguity, Software development, Vision articulation, Prioritization, Interviewing, Roadmapping, Agile Development, Goals & Metrics development
    • My experience running an R&D team could be characterized as part engineering manager, part product manager for speculative/risky projects. My strengths are more PM leaning.
  • Technical Communication
    • Researching technical topics, building mental models for how things work, distilling complexity, bridging technical and non-technical people
    • Public speaking to a wide variety of audiences, from keynotes to conferences to marketing videos
  • Creative

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/morganfabian/

Email: morganjfabian@gmail.com

  • I have experience leading an applied AI research team. I am hesitant to put "AI" as a skill in the EA community given I do not imagine myself going into technical research, but would like to mention it as an area I have broad based understanding of.
  • I'd be especially interested to work on AI safety or Global Priorities research related to the longer term future. In addition to x-risks, I am keen to look at areas within AI that concern equity and protecting human rights.

Available: Immediately