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  • arranged a Giving Game (31 people) and EA veganism workshop (~30 people) combined with vegan lunch at the European Humanist Youth Days

  • got a confirmation of a big speaker for an Effective Giving conference next year in Amsterdam and started pursuing funding possibilities.

  • started preparing a project for an 80,000 Hours career quiz in the form of an 8 track marble run at a student introduction week (6,000 new students at KEI-week Groningen): https://www.keiweek.nl/en/program/wednesday-the-12th-of-august/more-to-explore

  • starting up the blog for EA Netherlands: http://effectiefaltruisme.nl/home/blog/

  • researching how to optimise EA Facebook page likes/follows using Effective Altruism Groups Directory (I can use your help) & creating an .impact overview: https://impact.hackpad.com/EA-Facebook-Groups-Pages-Directory-2y9LJfdutWh

  • general posting on 3 Facebook groups and managing the EA Netherlands Twitter account (now at 2,414 followers – still difficult to balance reach with sending out a positive, accurate message of EA): https://twitter.com/EffectAltruisme

  • networking with new interested people & organisations in the Netherlands


Things I did this month:


Hi Sam and Andy, I've been thinking quite some time about a mobile app which uses The Life You Can Save's charity impact calculator (or else you're own estimates) to show a graphical overview of much bednets you've caused to hand out, etc. It be cool to make it easier to note donations and have the visceral feeling of knowing how much you've already done to improve the world.