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Currently working for an AI translation company, as a frontend developer. My motivation to go there included both the higher impact as compared to my previous job (millions of people use the service, it seems to help solve a big inefficiency in the world which is language barriers) and career capital considerations. Plus some personal reasons of course, such as having reason to assume I'd most likely be very happy with the job.

Even though the work itself seems more meaningful to me than what I did before, I still feel like certain side projects as well as local group involvement might ultimately turn out more impactful. I thus try to find a balance between doing good work and enjoying my time at the job, while working on EA related things in my spare time.

I used EAGx Virtual 2020 to discuss my plan to start that new job with a whole bunch of people, as I wasn't sure whether it would be the most high impact thing I could possibly do at the time. Many of those I talked to seemed to think however that, as a frontend/web developer, it's not that easy to find full time employment in EA orgs, and that my plans sounded quite good.


  • What are a few ways in which you bring EA ideas/mindsets to your current job?

Not so much in my current job, but at the previous place I gave a short talk on donating effectively towards the end of my time there. Got a bit of positive feedback but ultimately am clueless to what extent it did or did not influence people. At the very least they should now have one association with the term "effective altruism".