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Responsible Biorisk Reduction Workshop, Oxford May 2020

in the application form we state

Target group:
- EA aligned
- Ambitious to contribute to GCBR reduction
- Applicants from diverse backgrounds welcome

Which Community Building Projects Get Funded?

Very much appreciate the time and effort you put into this analysis. This sort of investigative journalism within the EA community seems worth funding ;)

EA Handbook 3.0: What content should I include?

Is there a plan to make an audio book out of the handbook? I think many people would find that useful.

EA Handbook 3.0: What content should I include?

Are there any plans to translate the handbook into the let's say 10 most popular EA languages? (thinking of spanish, german, french, russian, ...)? If not this should be a major part of the Handbook v3

Workshop: Strategy, ideas, and life paths for reducing existential risks

We might record the event and publish the files. Besides I do not know of any events like this anywhere soon.