Responsible Biorisk Reduction Workshop, Oxford May 2020

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Crosspost; edit: added target group description

NEAD (Netzwerk für Effektiven Altruismus Deutschland) in collaboration with EA Oxford is excited to announce a weekend workshop with senior biosecurity experts.

In a nutshell

  • Weekend workshop in Oxford, 2nd of May, Friday evening – Sunday noon
  • 20–25 participants, European audience
  • Speakers: Jaime Yassif (NTI), Cassidy Nelson (FHI), Piers Millett (FHI, WHO)
  • Depending on funding situation: Free / ticket fee (80–150€) / mini-stipends
  • Target group: EA aligned; Ambitious to contribute to GCBR reduction; Applicants from diverse backgrounds welcome


Develop, communicate and establish a responsible, cautious and supportive culture for EAs around contributing to the delicate area of GCBR reduction.

  • Map the current biosecurity space
  • Understand what defines ‘robustly good’ in the context of GCBR reduction
  • Develop concrete, focused and actionable ways of contributing to GCBR reduction
  • Provide follow-up actions for participants and the EA biosecurity community as a whole

Further Information and application

See our blogpost on NEAD's website.