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I am a product designer with experience in Software as a Service (SaaS) products tailored for the finance, agriculture, and automotive sectors. My educational background includes a degree in Mathematics from The Copperbelt University. Currently, I am furthering my academic pursuits with a Master's degree in Behavior Research Methods, focusing on the study of perceived usefulness and ease of use of agricultural technologies among smallholder farmers in Zambia.


Update #1

  • Initially, I wanted to only use Zambian sounds for social media to make sure I was reaching my country people, but that didn't get me as much reach and engagement as trending sounds. I started on around 200 views but have grown to close to 900 views. I will make sure to add location going forward.
  • There is more engagement on TikTok regarding reach, likes, saves, and new followers than on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • I have shared posts from chapters 1-4, but I am also mixing them up with ideas that are relevant but not discussed in the 80,000 Hours book. 
  • I am experimenting with different ways of delivering the content, e.g., graphic designs, curated pictures from Pinterest, and b-roll videos of myself that don't show my face. I like using videos. Once I have grasped all the ideas in the book, I intend to start showing my face and speaking more on camera to repurpose the content.

Update #2 

A lot is happening even when you think nothing is happening.

  • This is huge and maybe unrelated, but I am happy I was invited to take the charity Entrepreneurship test task 1. I don't know if I will succeed, but it's been a very enlightening experience, and I got to explore this project as a long-term option. I have come a long way reading about EA, interacting with less than five so far, and talking about EA at my Toast Masters meetings. This is an important note because if you are new to the EA community or believe you are "a normie," there is still so much growth, regardless of your circumstances.
  • I am ready to start hosting virtual meetings, with a special thanks to the ea resources. I have reached the stage where I need to focus on cause areas relevant to my country, for example, nuclear weapons and Zambia. This is where prioritization research skills come in 😅.
  • I am considering switching from building an audience to LinkedIn to build my first set of converting audiences. The reason is that the professionals I seek are on LinkedIn and have their audience there, too. However, the audience I want to reach is on TikTok. 

Thank you for this post, I am working on EA from Zambia in my free time and this has been insightful

I just wanted to check in on this posting as I recently submitted my application. I'm not sure if you're still hiring, but I'm really looking forward to the possibility of discussing this opportunity with you. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!🤞🏽

This is still the case. I used it for my Google UX certification. Not a lot of people know that and they turn away just at the thought of buying a $9 course.

This is indeed a thought-provoking question.

While I'm not an economics expert, my perspective leans towards the idea that capitalism, at its core, is driven by profits. However, what becomes crucial is how organizations, essentially run by people, choose to utilize those profits. Take Patagonia, for instance, which allocates 98% of its profits to address climate change and protect underdeveloped land. It highlights that the impact on society is more about the decisions made by the people within the system rather than inherent flaws in the system itself. Unfortunately, the system has been flawed from the beginning, and money, rather than being a tool for positive change, is often wielded as a weapon.

Addressing cultural traditions that may clash with Effective Altruism (EA) values, I'm relatively new to EA, but I find it aligns well with the practice of tithing in the SDA church. I'm intrigued by your mention of cultural traditions that go against Effective Altruism (EA) values. Could you provide more details on specific traditions you have in mind? I've encountered challenges in aligning with other EA causes, particularly those related to animals, given my everyday experiences, like literally seeing chickens crossing the road all the time. It's a reminder that life's complexities vary for everyone. Nevertheless, what I appreciate about EA is its accountability, allowing me to ensure that my financial contributions are making a positive impact. Importantly, EA doesn't restrict how one chooses to allocate money and resources. In the end, 'Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver' - 2 Corithians 9:7.

Thank you for this article; I am currently navigating a similar situation. I am still waiting to find myself in a sufficiently favorable position to introduce myself in this forum.

While I enjoy learning, I'm not particularly fond of examinations. Nevertheless, this aversion didn't hinder me from earning my mathematics degree. My initial job was in the government for the developing country where I reside. In my second and current position, I briefly served as a software engineer and am currently engaged as a product designer.

One of the driving forces behind my work is the knowledge and understanding of the impact I make on people's lives, prioritizing it over the profit generated for the consultancy firm. I feel fortunate and grateful that the startup environment has afforded me the opportunity to delve into various areas, such as operations, marketing, and shaping the company's culture. However, hitting the proverbial ceiling brings about significant disruption, affecting not only one's daily tasks but also one's mental state so I can relate to your sense of losing status and achievements.

Fortunately, my love for growth prompted me to consider pursuing a master's degree, aligning with both human-centered design experience and my Mathematics background. However, upon reflection, I realized that my goals did not align with the company's current stage and the absence of senior management support for my career progression.

I discovered effective altruism while working on my dissertation proposal, and it's a bonus to find a community with individuals like yourself. Thank you