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And we ourselves might become “God.” Rich people will boost their minds with cyber, don’t say we won’t!

And at a certain point, might leave the biological component behind. And more than that, realize that distributed computing is the way to eternal life. Some of my mind in a mechanical bird, some in a mechanical bear.

When I’m visiting a planet with less advanced beings and perhaps sincerely trying to help, I might answer—

“My child, I am all places [kind of true] and in all things [not really true] . . .”

And hopefully, I’ll be more good-natured and even-tempered that the God of the Old Testament!

Why I Quit Being a Therapist -- Six Reasons by Daniel Mackler

He’s more against drugs and medication than maybe he should be. But all in all, makes some excellent points.

Also an example of how when a person is really good and highly dedicated to their job, no, they tend not to get support from colleagues. Because they are basically showing up their colleagues (whether they intend to or not).

Hi, when I was 17, this PhD psychology dude did not take my dad’s violence seriously. And too much of the field seems to be about mechanisms of control.

I’m going to post a link to a Youtube video about a therapist who almost took a religious model approach. For example, he would sometimes cry with his patients.

But he took on a heavy caseload and burned himself out after 10 years.