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Ask AI companies about what they are doing for AI safety?

wondering would it be helpful to compile a list of questions (about all major EA focus areas) so that everyone has a sort of baseline on how exactly to formulate thoughtfulness when it comes such situations? 

EA Art: Neural Style Transfer Portraits

Hey! It’s seems like the Instagram link to your account is broken. Would love to follow!

Should the EA community have a DL engineering fellowship?

Hey this sounds interesting, I’d love to be involved if I can! :)

evelynciara's Shortform

That’s a great idea! I’ve been trying to find a good intro to EA talk for a while and I recently came across the EA for Christians YouTube video about intro to EA and though it’s kinda leaning towards to the religious angle, it seemed like a pretty good intro for a novice. Would love to hear your thoughts about that. Here’s the link: