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Earning To Give as a Doctor in Switzerland

Hey Henry, thanks for sharing and your ambitious donation goal!

I haven't looked into locum work yet, as I won't be working as a doctor in the long term but figured it would make sense to write down my experience here anyway for others.

My intuition is that I would need a lot more experience for locum work and that especially anesthesiology is very well-suited for it, because you can adapt to new patients and environments more quickly. In the (urban) clinics where I work, I never met someone on locum work. We do have one experienced resident who is employed ... (read more)

Earning To Give as a Doctor in Switzerland

Hey Markus, thanks, and thanks for asking, I made a mistake there and I'm glad you and another friend who is coincidentally also named Markus pointed it out.

Yes, it's supposed to be the amount one could (conservatively estimated) donate within the first year of residency in Switzerland.

I made the mistake of adding up the "difference in donations" and the "monthly remaining" with the Swiss income (2,364.57 * 12 + 15217.25 = 43592.09). That doesn't make sense.

I have now corrected it to 2,364.57 * 12 + 4,834.25 = 33209.09 in annual donations.