Natália Mendonça


Why does EA use QALYs instead of experience sampling?

Hi! Felt like I should give an update here.

This probably sounds strange, but the time I spent writing that post and designing that presentation I gave was one of my lowest points.

I spent too much time talking about my idea, and too little time actually programming it this last winter. The situation was made worse by the fact that I started having too many ideas to write them all down coherently. At some point I had a 50+ page document full of research and charts but that didn’t make much sense. That was all a waste of time. My EA Forum post was pretty much a boiled down version of that initial document, which I posted so that I could once and for all forget about it and go do other things :P

Writing text is strange, compared to writing software. You have ideas, and you write them down, and yet they don’t instantly materialize. It didn't feel very right.

Since around spring started I have gone back to programming. It is SO much more fun than researching or writing very long texts. It also feels like a more oblique, and therefore less terrifying, way of tackling big problems.

SmartMood is now in the AppStore, and I have been updating it frequently.