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I'm an alternative protein nut, formerly leading the startup & investor support work at The Good Food Institute. I'm now a VC investor (still alt proteins) at Blue Horizon. My experience is in VC, biotech, ecosystem building, and corporate law. I love writing and have a blog where I cover impactful biotech (


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Announcing our 2021 charity recommendations

New Harvest, which I think is great, also discontinued what I consider to be their major program (research grants) this year, so it's a head scratcher.

Announcing our 2021 charity recommendations

I left GFI in early 2021 for a new opportunity, but stay close with them. Nothing has drastically changed or degraded there. If truly one allegation of "retaliation" against an employee is enough to totally knock off Top Charity, I'm suspicious of the process. We know that The Counter article on the challenges to cultivated meat wasn't the cause -- as has been pointed out -- because New Harvest (a cultivated meat NGO) is still a Standout Charity. Reading between the lines, it seems they think GFI is overfunded.