Nathan Grant

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I agree that if it were possible to stop it, we should, but the EA movement is only a few thousand people. Even if we devoted all our resources to this issue, I doubt EA has enough influence over broad political trends to make much difference.

I appreciate your post but I take issue with the fact you focused on both sides of the political spectrum. In my opinion, the political left is a far greater risk. You cited the alt-right, and the tiny Unite the Right rally, but the alt-right has almost no cultural relevance compared to the amount of media attention it receives. As for the idea that Trump will threaten the peaceful transition of power, I anticipate this will just be another failed prediction, along with the predictions that Hillary would win, and that Mueller would find evidence of collusion. As you mentioned, the left directly threatens free speech, a cornerstone of this nation. It seems especially important to shoot straight here and not deflect out of a faux sense of neutrality.