Nathaniel Hendrix

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I'm a researcher at the American Board of Family Medicine in Washington, DC, where I'm primarily focused on implementing artificial intelligence in clinical settings. Previously, I was at University of Washington and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

My academic training focused on cost-effectiveness analysis, decision science, and preference elicitation -- for example, understanding the QALYs associated with different health states.

I'm new to EA. I've been aware of it for a long time as an idea, but only recently discovered how concrete it had become. Reading more, it seemed like my skillset could be helpful.

My site is at www.nathanielhendrix.com and my twitter is @ndhendrix.


Hi everyone! 

I've known about the ideas behind EA for a while now, but have just recently become aware of how much concrete organizing is going on and how many resources the movement now has.

I've got academic training in a lot of skills that are useful to EA organizations, such as cost-effectiveness analysis, decision science, and preference elicitation. My reading in the EA literature has given me a few ideas about how I might some day put those skills to work for this cause. I'm definitely open to research and project collaborations if you think I might be useful to you -- or even if you just want someone to brainstorm with!