Neil Ferro

Cofounder @ Effective Altruism Hiring Agency
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I am a cofounder of a hiring agency for the Effective Altruism community. 

I'm a passionate advocate for maximising positive impact in this world. Personally, I would describe myself as a walking encyclopedia as I'm always intellectually curious and open-minded to new information and experiences. My friends would describe me as an empathetic, warm and supportive, and a conscientious individual. 

Professionally, I'm a driven and resilient entrepreneur, community builder and mentor with a wide variety of skills. Through my multidisciplinary experiences, I am able to synthesise disparate information to create unique insights, predict future trends and connect likeminded people and ideas. I’m inspired most by unlocking people’s potential and helping them find the most fulfilling career paths through coaching and mentoring as well l partnering with organisations to find the best talent.


How others can help me

I am looking to speak with people in the EA community who have  hired or are looking to hire to find out what are their experiences with the hiring process.

How I can help others

Helping the Effective Altruism (EA) community create a streamlined and more effective talent pipeline by starting a hiring agency that will partner with EA members and organisations to hire the ideal candidates.


I have known Kat Woods for the past four years. Throughout this period, Kat has served multiple roles in my professional life—ranging from an enthusiastic cheerleader to a strategic brainstorming partner, and from a well-connected networker to an invaluable advisor. While I am not in a position to speak to the allegations mentioned previously, I can attest to the consistently exceptional nature of my personal experiences with Kat. She is a warm, empathetic, and supportive individual who is unwaveringly dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on the world.


AI Safety Support is a nonprofit with a mission to reduce existential risk from advanced AI by providing support for anyone who wants to contribute to work on the project of AI Safety.

We are hiring a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to be the right-hand person for our CEO. The COO will work to identify processes to scale AISS and create efficiencies, as well as set ambitious and achievable goals for operational excellence. 

If your dream job is to have a high impact, you love to travel and you are known for creating streamlined systems and procedures, then you might be the perfect fit as Chief Operating Officer for AI Safety Support.

Deadline: 14 August 2022 11:59PM Pacific

Work Location: Remote

Compensation: Salaries at AISS account for relevant experience. For this role we expect salaries offered to be between $70,000 and $90,000 USD. Due to the importance of this particular role, however, and higher salaries for similar roles in the private sector, we are open to considering a substantially higher salary range if this would impact the decision of our preferred candidate.

For more details about the role, why it’s impactful and how to tell if you’re a good fit please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the position, get in contact via Neil Ferro - Hiring Consultant or JJ Hepburn - CEO