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This is a great post.  

Personally, I am most interested in this topic: 

AS advocacy is a form of moral circle expansion (MCE), an increase in the number of beings given moral consideration, such as legal protection.[7] Therefore, questions that affect the prioritization of MCE could also affect the prioritization of AS.

Personally, I believe that until we have moral acceptance and genuine legal protections for sentient non-human animals, there will be significant barriers for AS.   I also believe that adding non-human animals to the moral circle can and should be a near-term achievement. 

I like this piece.   I am curious why it it is a  trick that "cruel" men play.  Is it cruel to humanize the suffering with a relatable instance rather than a faceless ocean of suffering? I am not arguing the point.  I am unsure which side I believe.  But I do know many people who try to raise awareness of suffering by humanizing singular instances.  Does that do more harm than good?