Niall McGlynn

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Name: Niall McGlynn

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Willing to relocate: Yes

Summary: I am an experienced researcher and public service professional, looking to work in EA. Currently a Fellow at Johns Hopkins researching biosecurity, open to opportunities in other cause areas, especially nuclear security and international security and cooperation.



  • I have conducted structured research in the natural sciences and humanities, as well as self-guided research, including as part of my Fellowship with Johns Hopkins University on the Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Programme.

Communications, including crisis/defensive communications

  • I have spent the largest part of my career working in communications for the Department of Justice in Ireland, including writing speeches, press lines and briefings for the Prime Minister, Minister for Justice and other members of the government. I was trusted by my superiors with taking on the most difficult and controversial issues facing the government.


  • I have written articles for Irish domestic media and for Euronews, along with a scientific thesis for my undergraduate degree and two humanities theses for my masters degrees.


  • I have worked my way up from entry level clerical work to writing speeches for cabinet Ministers. As part of that journey, I have excelled in a wide variety of roles, from general admin to long-term archiving projects and high-level policy development.

General administration

  • I have organised and run events, managed offices, run archiving projects, and provided secretarial support to committees at every level of government. 



Email: mcglynn@tcd.ie


  • Cause areas: I am currently a Fellow in the biosecurity programme at Johns Hopkins. I have also worked on arms control, including autonomous weapons systems, with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, and I hold an undergraduate degree in Physics. As such, I am particularly interested in working across pandemic preparedness, AI and nuclear security, but I will consider any offer across any cause area.
  • Roles: I am open to both full and part-time remote roles, and to freelance/contract work.
  • EA: I am new to EA, and attended my first EAG in London earlier this year. I have however been working on EA-adjacent issues through my own research and my career for a number of years, particularly my recent work in arms control in the Department of Foreign Affairs.