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App for COVID-19 contact tracing

Thanks, and that's great to see. Seems like it might just take longer than I expected to make something like this and there are already a few in the works. I'd be interested to get thoughts on whether regional or global apps are better. There are some gains to having more people on the same app since it shares more information, but given current travel restrictions and limited flying, that may only be true within certain area. And regional apps have the ability to try different things and customize towards their respective cultures / privacy preferences.

App for COVID-19 contact tracing

Thanks, I will send you an email there. Glad to hear that this is already being worked on and happy to consolidate efforts. Could be helpful for you to read @tina's comment below as well and hopefully we can coordinate across those projects.

App for COVID-19 contact tracing

Thanks for sharing! This looks great and I'm very happy to hear that people have already been working on this. The article looks very impressive so far.

I'd love to collaborate and will send an email with more information to see if/how I can help you.

App for COVID-19 contact tracing

Thanks for sharing this Mati! I love the thermometer / cough detection idea. And I definitely appreciate the link to other's working on this, will be in touch with them about how I can help.

AI Impacts: Historic trends in technological progress

Thanks for summarizing these and sharing them in one place! It might be helpful to add which I think was released with the others and seems particularly relevant to AI forecasting.