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Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

Devin's reply:

“Thanks for the response, reading your posts was one of the biggest inspirations for me writing this, its overall demeanor reminded me of what I see as this older strain of EA public interface in a way I hadn’t thought of in a while. On the point of MacAskill responding, I think the information you’ve given is helpful, but I do think there would have been some value in public commentary even if Torres personally wasn’t going to change his mind because of it, for instance it would have addressed concerns the piece gave outsiders who read it, a... (read more)

2Davidmanheim5dI mostly agree, but the revision of the Longtermism white paper [] from the original "work in progress" version seems like exactly the type of response to some of the early claims you're requesting - see the discussion on fanaticism. And given how recent all of this is, further responses could still be forthcoming, as these types of conversations take time.
Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

Devin's reponse:

“Yeah, I was wondering when that might come up. I have a general resistance to making extraneous accounts, especially if they are anything like social media accounts. I find it stressful and think I would over-obsessively check/use them in a way that would wind up being harmful. Even just having this post up and the ability to respond through Nick has occupied my attention and anxiety a good deal the last few days, or I might do more cross-posts/enable comments on our blog. That said, I did consider it. EA forum seems like it would not be s... (read more)

An update in favor of trying to make tens of billions of dollars

I mostly agree with the AI risk worldview described in footnote 5, but this is certainly an interesting analysis! (Although not super-useful for someone in a non-MIT/non-Jane-Street/not-elite-skilled reference class, but I still wonder about the flexibility of that...)

1Mathieu Putz7dThanks a lot for saying this! Yeah, I wonder about the flexibility as well. At least, "I have good reason to think I could've gone to MIT/ Jane Street..." should go a long way (if you're not delusional).
Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

Devin's response:

“The white supremacy part doesn’t have this effect for me. Yes there is a use of this word to refer to overt, horrible bigotry, but there is also a use of this word meaning something closer to ‘structures that empower, or maintain the power, of white people disproportionately in prominent decision-making positions’. It is reasonable to say that this latter definition may be a bad way of wording things, you could even argue a terrible way, but since this use has both academic, and more recently some mainstream, usage, it hardly seems fair t... (read more)

Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

Devin's response: “I would be careful about calling this a bad faith attack. It may seem low quality or biased, but low quality is very different from bad faith and bias is probably something most of our defenders are guilty of to a decent degree as well. I’m not an expert on this case, but my own understanding is basically that Torres wrote a more academic, EA-targeted version of this before, got no responses or engagement he found adequate, despite reaching out to try to get it, and decided to take his case to a broader audience. I think there’s a ton wr... (read more)

I’m not an expert on this case, but my own understanding is basically that Torres wrote a more academic, EA-targeted version of this before, got no responses or engagement he found adequate

He got a very lengthy response here - far more detailed than most people would get.

I see every indication he was trying to criticize in good faith.

In contemporary western society, 'white supremacist' is one of the most harmful accusations you can make about someone, and should not be done without serious evidence, yet Phil flings the slur around with abandon.  Indee... (read more)

Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

Devin's response (also to DavidNash): “Sorry, there might be a misunderstanding here. The William MacAskill example is supposed to be more a framing device and specific case I’ve been thinking about, not any sort of proof that there’s a problem. As I mention in my epistemic status section, the overall claims I make about EA aren’t defended here, I rely on readers to just share this same impression of current fatigue with critics relative to early EA on reflection. If you don’t, that’s fine, but this piece isn’t going to try to convince you otherwise. On Ma... (read more)

2Davidmanheim6dSee my response about the specific reason I think Will and others have not responded - and why I think they are right not to do so directly. (And I'm still very much on speaking terms with Phil, and understand why he feels aggrieved, even though I don't agree with him either about his current approach, or the substantive criticisms, as I noted in the piece you linked.)
Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

The LOTR analogy was intriguing to me, thank you!

Is it crunch time yet? If so, who can help?

People vastly overestimate the stability of their motivation and mental life. "...even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law." Seems very likely in my case.

The rest was helpfully calibrating, thank you

Effective Altruism, Before the Memes Started

Devin's reply/summary:

“Thanks for the comments. Sorry, I wrote a good deal of this stream of conscious so it isn’t really structured as an argument. More a way of me to connect some personal thoughts/experiences together in a hopefully productive way. I can see how that wouldn’t be super accessible. The basic argument embedded in it though is:

  1. Effective Altruism, like many idealistic movements, started out taking critics very very seriously and trying to reach out to/be charitable to them as much as possible, which is a good thing

  2. Effective Altruism, l

... (read more)
9Linch8dRe: 4, I think this has a reasonably high chance of being correct. I feel somewhat guilty here, as I have indeed made memes critical of some of the criticisms of EA/longtermism, and perhaps this is bad for my soul or the soul of the movement or something. (Though in my partial defense I am publicly critical [] of the midwit memes specifically)
5Linch8dThank you, I believe that it would be helpful to have this intro on the top of the post.
Getting started independently in AI Safety

I feel both held back and out of my depth in this, so this and the comments have helped my perspective. Thank you for writing this!

Getting started independently in AI Safety

I feel like I'm on both sides of this, so I'll take the course and then immediately jump into whatever seems interesting in PyTorch