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2015 Summer Welcome Thread

Hi! My name is Nick and i I have been reading articles on the EA forum since it started and finally got around to making an account today.

I first became aware Effective Altruism when I was 17 (2011). I had been working a summer job and wanted to know what was the best charity to donate some of the money too. Through that search I found GiveWell and became very interested effective charities. A year or two later (around 2013) I came across Less Wrong and read the sequences. Through Less Wrong I found many other places to learn about Effective Altruism and over time got more and more interested in it.

I live in Australia and will be attending EA Global: Melbourne in august. A few EA friends and I recently started EA Canberra and so far meetings have been going really well. I have a blog where I write about Effective Altruism, veganism and other topics. I am looking forward to engaging more with the Effective Altruism community in the future.