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Hi Kyle, I think that it's worth us all putting effort into being friendly and polite on this forum, especially when we disagree with one another. I didn't find your first comment informative or polite, and just commented to explain why I down-voted it.

Looks like DeepMind have gone with "AI risk" and classified that into "misuse and unintended consequences", among other ethical challenges. See

This seems unnecessarily rude to me, and doesn't engage with the post. For example, I don't see the post anywhere characterising accidents as only coming from bugs in code, and it seems like this dismissal of the phrase 'AI accidents' would apply equally to 'AI risk'.

Excited to see LEAN grow! And happy to help. Thanks for the update :D

Very impressive so far. Thanks for all your hard work, Sean!

Thanks, Ryan. Do you have a specific starting recommendation?

i.e. best starting point if you think data engineering will suit you more than web development? (e.g. learn python)

Or quickest way to test out if you're going to like the data science track? (e.g. start with a stats course rather than the coding)

Are there any reasons why a humantiies graduate considering trying out software engineering ought not consider data science instead?

i.e. if you have a non-technical background and would initially by doing online courses with the aim of applying to a bootcamp if you liked it / seemed to be progressing well.

CSER also have a seminar in Cambridge UK on April 24th with Dr Toby Ord (Oxfrod, FHI), anyone's welcome! Details here:

Thanks for sharing this, Ryan. I would have missed it otherwise (obviously not following the right people on social media). Looking forward to reading it! Hopefully see you at another CSER seminar soon.