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I'll send you a PM Alex.

Sure Alex, we were looking for 400k (Euros). Good luck with your application!

We applied on the 15th, with what you could describe as a solution to help organisations optimize their social impact, and to communicate and engage around such. Suggested a combination of a grant and investment.

Gutted to learn today that we've not been selected. Good luck everyone else!

Love the well thought-trough approach and look forward to how it will unfold further into the future!

One of the questions in the application form reads: "How much $/yr could this project plausibly productively use at maximum scale down the road?"

I’m not sure how to interpret this question. Does the question for example refer to potential annual revenue of the initiative, to potential grant money the initiative would be able to effectively apply, or to a $ value to the social impact that the initiative generates?