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I was born in the Soviet city of Leningrad, in a family of engineers. Since childhood I have loved reading, technology, science fiction, and computers. In 2007 I discovered Hacker News and Overcoming Bias, in 2009 LessWrong and have been following that and the Effective Altruism movement on and off ever since. Between 2012 and 2014 I worked at MIRI as an executive assistant to Luke Muehlhauser, then executive director.


It's 2024 now. Has there been any actual couchsurfing activity?

  1. has there been any couchsurfing activity?
  2. is the idea being further discussed in some other place?

It would be great if the OP could make a post-mortem (doubly appropriate if the idea is actually dead).

Please drop me a line via WhatsApp, Telegram, VK or social networks in the profile if you would like to exchange thoughts in more like real time about couchsurfing.

Congratulations on the opening, Dušan!

May I ask you to explain what you mean by "visa-free work privileges" in Serbia, in the sentence mentioning citizens of Russia and China?

I see that visa policy of Serbia, as summarized in the Wikipedia, allows visa-free access for maximum stay of 30 days for such citizens (and 90 days for another large list of countries). But it doesn't mention work.

Was there an interview? If so, where can we read it?