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Half-baked ideas thread (EA / AI Safety)

I've created a spreadsheet in which I collected roughly  500 AI Safety / Longtermism-related ideas (non-research meta ideas, so they sometimes overlap with other cause areas as well). They are now semi-prioritized and semi-fleshed out. We are in the process of turning this into a central alignment ideas database / matchmaking / prioritization platform, for funders, talent, ideas, and advisors. Let me know if you'd like to support this project, or would like some more info on it!

EA Housing Slack

But there doesn’t seem to be a useful slack-like thing for just “I’m going to be living in this place, who can I find housing with?”

Seems to me like EA Houses is doing that. What problem would the slack channel be solving that EAH isn't?

Talk to me about your summer plans

Hi Akash, awesome that you're doing this! 👏🏼

Esben Kran and I are setting up reading challenges, which currently only involves AI Safety as a topic. Soon we'll be adding managerial topics too (communications, ops, recruiting, etc.). We named it "Reading What We Can" :P This is a great 80/20 way of upskilling during a summer break. 📚

(If anybody is lacking the funds to upskill / +, feel free to get in touch!)

Propose and vote on potential EA Wiki articles / tags [2022]

Thanks, Pablo! I replied to Michael's message underneath with some examples of how personal development could be structured.
empty tag: now I feel inclined to write a post on productivity :p

Propose and vote on potential EA Wiki articles / tags [2022]

"Productivity" is indeed included in the description of the personal development tag. However, I do believe/agree that this is a really big and important category that could be broken down.
Spending a couple of seconds thinking about this, I'd come up with the following suggestions: 
-mental health
-physical health
-PD services
-PD experiments

[$20K In Prizes] AI Safety Arguments Competition

I think there’s an incredible opportunity right now for mid-career people to do really exciting, rewarding, and high-value work with incredible colleagues in a great working environment.

This doesn’t have to mean switching to full-time EA work straight away. Smaller experiments are possible, like learning about an area of interest, or doing consulting or part-time work.

If you’re a mid-career EA lurker, don’t wait for permission! Get in touch with 80,000 Hours for free career coaching, or with organisations / individuals you might want to work with. Start working on impactful and rewarding projects!
-Ben Snodin

[$20K In Prizes] AI Safety Arguments Competition

Misconception: There’s tons of people working in all these important areas.
Reality: Once you start meeting people, you’ll realise that most areas have surprisingly few people giving a significant fraction of their time to them. And people are liable to spread themselves over multiple topics or switch to new things, so you can quickly become one of the “main people” in an area just by sticking around for a bit. 
-Ben Snodin

[$20K In Prizes] AI Safety Arguments Competition

“There is more scholarly work on the life habits of the dung fly than on existential risks.” Nick Bostrom 

[$20K In Prizes] AI Safety Arguments Competition

Looking at our unresolved long-lasting moral debates, it is quite alarming to imagine the potential need for value lock-in within the next decades.

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