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CEA and EAF could both, or jointly, hire a Diversity & Inclusion Officer. CEA and EAF, your intention is to be institutional leaders of the EA community, so lead the way on this critical aspect of movement-building — there is definitely a full-time job’s worth of advising and other work to do, probably even just with the suggestions I list here. Some universities and companies have such a position, and I — and I’m sure others — would be happy to advise on what the position’s responsibilities would look like. (Thank you Sana Al Badri for this suggestion.)

  • I saw some comments countering this, but I think such a position would add value and is necessary for a philosophy which is snowballing into a perception of ‘white male’ pervasion.
  • I would be keen for more diversity and women’s EA events to be arranged more regularly, perhaps at university societies etc.

We could establish a website providing resources for legal counsel and enabling people to anonymously share experiences regarding discrimination, harassment, and assault, both to inform less-aware community members of issues in the community and to provide a sense of accountability to the movement as a whole, as the testimonies would be publicly accessible.

  • I think this could be useful, but I feel as though the women’s EA Facebook group serves this purpose to an extent. My worry with making something like this a public website would be if non-EAs looking in believe discrimination and harassment to be very common in EA circles and to put them off altogether, when it’s actually widespread everywhere. I would be in favour of some sort of platform where we can share experiences, issues and guidance, but perhaps not referencing EA explicitly so that it does not ruin the brand of the philosophy itself, but rather brings to light individual experiences.