Nitin Lahoti

5 karmaJoined Jun 2022


Location: Jaipur, India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Flexible


  • Business and Financial Analysis
    • Have analysed and built 100+ social enterprise business and financial models
  • Business Advisory and consulting
    • Have worked hands-on with 24 startups in their journey from ideation/prototype to growth
  • Fundraising
    • Experience in equity fundraising from VC and Angels
    • Grant research, proposal development and submission
  • Marketing
    • User profiling
    • Market analysis
    • Social media marketing (limited)
  • Program Management
    • Managed complex multi-stakeholder programs
    • Managed national level events with 1,000+ attendees




  • Cause Areas
    • While I am open to all cause areas but in particular I am eager to contribute towards factory farming and global poverty.
  • Availability
    • I am available on 10-15 days notice.
  • Looking for
    • I am looking for roles in startup EA organizations where I can contribute in all the aspects
    • I am open for client facing roles i.e. fundraising, marketing, partnerships
    • I would be a good fit to a role which requires some research and strategy aspect
    • I am open for part-time, full-time or consulting role
    • I am new to EA hence I am open to entry level roles as well
  • Experience with EA
    • I have started following EA recently. Currently reading ‘Doing Good Better’ and trying to alter my career to have maximum impact.