Niyorurema Pacifique

Monetary Economist @ MTN, Fresco
44 karmaJoined Working (0-5 years)Kigali, Rwanda


I am an enthusiastic economist working to leverage skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the community.


Thank you for your positive feedback, I am delighted and will be checking out EA for Christians, I did not know it existed.

much potential indeed, I am very excited and optimistic about the future of EA Rwanda.

Hello everyone,

I am Pacifique Niyorurema from Rwanda. I was introduced to the EA movement last year (2022). I did the introductory program and felt overwhelmed by the content, 80k hours podcast, Slack communities, local groups, and literature. having a background in economics and mission aligning with my values and beliefs, I felt I have found my place. I am pretty excited to be in this community. with time, I plan to engage more in the communities and contribute as an active member. I tend to lean more on meta EA, effective giving and governance, and poverty reduction.


That is so insightful, thanks for sharing!