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Feedback on the questions: I think the wording is too strong sometimes. I.e. the question “want the EA community to look very different as a result of this crisis.“ or spend significant time ect. This effectively compresses the scale for me, not wanting to choose the one or two most extreme choices.

80 000 hours email: I know the form has changed to allow a CV as a PDF file but I would recommend mentioning the possibility in the emails, too.  Some people not using LinkedIn may not fill in the form because of it. (I had the time to look at the form, but if I was in hurry, I would probably not fill the form because of that.)

+1 for S-risk. I was surprised by the lack of its discussion on 80k podcast.

To support my claim a bit more: the first EA book I read was the Giving What We Can (30 anniversary edition) because that one was freely available online.

Some of these problems were discussed in part 4 of Hear This Idea podcast with Andres Sandberg. As far as I remember, he claimed that the growth of EA may slow down because the utilitarian framework may put off people with different ethical fundamentals.