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I think this post would do a better job of furthering your (laudable) aims if it was written more concisely.

Core argument isn't convincing and the interventions suggested don't seem to have much of an evidence basis.

If I were to guess, I'd say that's why this and the other post has been downvoted and not really the writing style. 

"The team advised a group about a local person with many reports about them making people uncomfortable at events. The person currently isn’t attending, but the group now has steps they plan to take if the person expresses interest in attending."

Who else recently stopped attending their local group and is now paranoid this is about them?

“Well I don’t know about the fire but you’re being a bit cringe about this whole thing” 

^ Laughed out loud at this

The changes between each section are highlighted in bold, as it is in every section before and after. The bolded section is literally 14 words long; the tl;dr would be longer than the text.

My instinct is that the 5th and 95% percentile estimates might differ by several orders of magnitude

This is really interesting. It'd be good to see more people do a cost-effectiveness analysis of a given topic to see how large the variance is and to see the shape of the distribution.

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