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It's OK To Also Donate To Non-EA Causes

I looked but didn't find those recommendations until I'd already donated! Thank you for suggesting them for others.

It's OK To Also Donate To Non-EA Causes

I agree that EA thinking within a cause area is important, but the racist police brutality crisis in the USA is the particular motivating cause area I wrote this post about, and the Rohingya don't enter into that.

It's OK To Also Donate To Non-EA Causes

One of my friends mentioned it, and it also came up in this post. They look extremely legit.

But I also could have gone with one of Chloe Cockburn's recommendations, had I seen them before I donated.

The best places to donate for COVID-19

You have to carefully consider what scale means when switching between one-time interventions and ongoing projects. Cost-effectiveness means the same thing in both, though. If there are opportunities to save a marginal DALY by spending under $1000, then that will be competitive with a public health initiative.

It's not obvious to me that there are such opportunities, unfortunately. (Better suppression in the earliest days of COVID-19 would have been massively cost-effective, but it's far beyond that point now.)

If someone has a good way to save a marginal DALY from COVID-19 for $1000 or less, though, I'd be very excited.