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Hi Dusten,

Will this yacht replace the Empress of the Seas cruise ship grant, planned to house the new headquarters of Open Philanthropy 2?  Unlike the original cruise ship design, I'm highly skeptical that a yacht will be large enough of a headquarters to house the top-performing 50% of EA.

This is really interesting. I recommend posting it to lesswrong, the people there will probably find it more interesting than here.

I don't think this is about "good" or "bad" posts, it's about whether the post is mainly focused on reviewing/improving the community as a whole or whether it's more about improving individuals or productivity. In that case, "EA burnout" wouldn't be in community, "longtermist turn" would clearly be community, whereas anything about the history of longtermism (e.g. in ancient Rome) would not be.

You brought up a good point that language barrier post being ambiguous.

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Are you visiting China right now? For people in China, it's best to contact them through connections. The best person for that is Fynn Heide.

If this post goes high karma, maybe it's a little ironic. But it also means a big net reduction in karma misallocated to community posts, and it will probably more than compensate for this one additional community post getting a ton of karma.

This makes sense. Upvotes are fundamentally anonymous, and we have no idea what kinds of people are upvoting what things. I'm pretty surprised at how mathematically obvious and explanatory your findings are in hindsight, and yet it never occurred to me or anyone else until now.

I'd like to add that, just like how auctions tend to be won by bidders who got carried away and accidentally bid more than what the object was worth to them, it makes sense to think that 80% of the upvotes could potentially be coming from 20% of the forum readers, and some of those people might spend a little too much time getting invested into the forum instead of feeling obligated to go to events and connect with lots of people and see what they're spending their time working on.

I hope that sharing papers and getting feedback still works well or even better with the new solution, e.g. I'm really glad I chanced across Akhil's research and can now share it with all sorts of people I meet in my line of work, even though my own priority is AI and AGI policy and I would never have encountered it if not for the forum.

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