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I agree that I fall closer into this camp. Where the action tends to be towards climate change and that immediate threat, while I play intellectual exercises with EA. The focus on animal welfare and eating a vegan diet help the planet and fighting malaria are related to climate change. Other issues such as AI and nuclear war seem far fetched. It's hard for me to see the impacts of these threats without preying on my fears. While climate change has an impact on my daily life. As I said in my above post that EA taught me to ask 'what is the most pressing problem that humans face.' To me it is clearly climate change and I moved on from there. I maybe disappointed that EA has not drawn the same conclusion.

The biggest issue I have with EA is the lack of attention to climate change. I am supporter and member of the EA but I take issue with the lack of attention to climate change. Add me to the category of people that are turned off from the community because it's weak stance of climate change.

I will admit that I am not as educated, accomplished, skilled, or simply as smart as most members of the EA community. I have a college degree, a small brain, a modicum of self confidence, and am respected by my peers. I concede my weakness and faults but still feel that I have an ability to speak.

It baffles me that EA does not address climate change on a larger scale. To me it clearly represents an extinction threat. Nuclear war, biosecurity, land security, etc does not pose a threat if the very stability and security of human's to feed and house themselves are taken away. EA talks about big ideas but runs away from the impacts that are happening in front of us. Climate change is happening and the world is doing very little to address it. It immediate and constant. Almost every world issue from poverty, migration, refugees, water security (a massive issue that needs to be address), economic instability, government stability, the spread of illness, etc can all be traced back to climate change.

EA has taught me to ask 'what is the most important issue to human survival?' without a doubt my answer is 'climate change'. With that in mind I have to follow a path that in some way addresses this issue. I truly can't answer tell you if more than 100 million will be alive in 2300 or if the planet will be inhabitable in 3000, and that is 100% because of climate change.