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IMO the most interesting aspect of crypto (by a long shot) is the lab it creates for mechanism/incentive/governance design.  If there's any major innovation in governance in the near future, my bet is it comes out of crypto.  We already see  early signs of this with GitCoin using quadratic funding and Vitalik's collaboration with Glen Weyl and RadicalXChange (as Brendon mentioned).

Similarly, while  I could envision a lot of (really bad?) unintended consequences here, Balaji Srinivasan's idea of "network states" is interesting to the extent it leads to a competitive marketplace for governance structures.  Note especially his emphasis on the "right to exit".  Voting with your feet (migrating out) has a lot more impact than voting with votes or dollars.  He probably has a twitter thread that explains it succinctly but there's something mesmerizing about  listening to him in this 4 hour marathon podcast on Tim Ferris' show

Audrey Tang, the digital minister of Taiwan, is doing some very interesting experiments in governance: 80000 Hours has a great, recent podcast with her

RE:why different voting models gets all the attention, without having thought about this deeply, my gut instinct is "if you could solve one mechanism of governance that solves all the others" voting would be the leading candidate.

PS this is my first post on the EA Forum.  If I've broken any explicit rules, cultural norms, or even committed any minor faux pas, please let me know!  I'd be grateful