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CarePay is hiring a Head of Data in Amsterdam/Nairobi/Remote (CET +-3 hours)

We are an EA aligned insuretech company working to widen access to low cost health insurance, with a focus on low income countries.

For general details about the role itself see the job posting. 

Getting a very competent and ideally EA aligned person in the role could significantly increase the chances of CarePay having a significant positive impact on the lives of millions in our current operational locations Kenya and Nigeria as well as new regions as we expect to scale considerably in the coming years. You'll be joining fellow EAs Christoph Hartmann (Directory of Technology and former Head of Data) and Patrick von Glehn (Data Scientist) as well as many other data and impact driven team members across Nairobi, Amsterdam, Lagos and elsewhere. We have also previously partnered with EA organisation GiveDirectly to distribute credit for medical assistance through our platform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are addressing a large, tractable and (relatively) neglected problem; financial ruin and poor health outcomes associated with lack of health insurance in low income countries. We have already established ourselves as the market leader in Kenya (under the brand M-TIBA) and have plans and funding for wider expansion in the coming years. 

We have built a mobile first platform connecting healthcare providers (hospitals and clinics), payers (private or government insurers and NGOs) and patients. Our platform handles insurance policy management, billing and claims processing as well as loans for healthcare providers without alternative access to credit. We increase efficiency and trust between all parties and ultimately lower the cost of and widen access to health insurance, reducing the risk of financial ruin associated with unexpected medical bills.

If you or someone in your network could be a good fit please get in touch!