Paul Sochiera

Sofware Engineer
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I’m interested in a deep and mindful life. Mine includes - besides a clear focus on relationships - a lot of coding, music, reading, sports and philosophy.

I am Software Engineer by craft.

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How others can help me

I am currently looking for employment. 
I quit my last job this year, was involved in a start-up that I left due to co-founder misalignment and I am now looking to found another company in the environment / altruism spaces or alternatively contribute to an existing company.

How I can help others

I have a very solid technical understanding and I am proudest of my problem-solving skills, so I would happily apply them to helping anyone who has the well-being of others in mind.


Hi everyone, I'm Paul, a software engineer based in Münster, Germany.

I came across Effective Altruism because of the book by William MacAskill a few years ago. Later, I came in contact with 80.000 hours, giving what we can and many of their representatives in various podcasts/books/articles. I consider Effective Altruism one of the greatest movements I have come across and I feel very grateful for being able to contribute.


Up until now, I have "only" earned to give. But having recently quit my job and having had a few start-up experiences, I now want to go looking for common problems in the main cause area problem spaces, to solve them and directly contribute to them.

Does anyone work in the field and is aware of major problems? Would you be willing to have a short chat with me?

If anyone needs advice on all things software, I would be happy to help out as well.

I'm happy to be here, and look forward to contributing to EA.