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I'm an ex-economist turned education specialist, and a bit restless in terms of ideas. I've work in academia (UCL/IoE), Government (DFID/FCDO) before founding Fab Inc. (advisory), and spinning off Fab Data (tech and data systems). I like to help children in low-income schools learn how to read - and write, and do math(s). I also like it when the poorest benefit from the best technology, and the best ideas, to help them learn. 

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share ideas and knowledge. 

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education - effective investments, policy development and reform, and results and data system management. And how to apply advanced tech to low resource settings. 


This is a great piece. A really good summary of the current status of education in LMIC.

Yes, this also came top of the ideas when we did a discussion on potential use cases for AI in education for LMIC (


There’s a few people trying this - my concern though, and something we just got a grant to think about, is how we make sure the content is good qualiTy. So we will start the year thinking about benchmarks for AI in education. 

lots of charity ideas here, and something we’re fortunate to get funding from BMGF and others to explore.