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Nice to meet you!

I currently work as CEO of a small machine vision company. Previously I worked as a team lead at JPL/NASA.

I love to travel, meet new people, and collaborate to solve challenging problems.

I am not, as yet, actively involved in any EA community, but helping others is important to me, and I do care about efficacy.

I'm particularly interested in work addressing international poverty/health, and reducing catastrophic risk, while respecting that other kinds of work are valuable also.


Perfect, thank you Joel. I've applied, and would love to help contribute to this project in whatever way makes sense. 

Exciting & interesting idea! I'd love to attend, but am trying to assess how much time I'd need to take away from work, including travel, and have a quick question: Is there any more detailed schedule beyond the dates, at this point? For example, a starting time on the 5th or ending time on the 8th? 

Posting the question here in case the answer is of general interest. Thanks for your help.