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You should write about your job

I work in energy and infrastructure financing for a large bank in the UK, and don't have a background in business or finance.

How much does performance differ between people?

This is amazing data, and not what I would have expected - I've just had my mind changed on the predictability of invention success. Thanks!

How can I handle depictions of suffering better emotionally?

This, for me, is why I mainly engage with simple rules (give 10% of income through payroll giving to Givewell recommended charities, don't eat meat) and only occasionally do deep dives into the fundamental philosophy or actual individual suffering. 

I don't so much disengage as just get really sad, which on the one hand, yes, the world has a ton of suffering in it, but also it's hard to operate with that level of sadness constantly. The engagement/reading for me is more like a 'sadness top-up' once in a while to make sure I stick to my rules.