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 "I got a cough, and at the time that meant I had to self isolate. This meant my nanny couldn’t come, so I couldn’t work. It turned out not to be covid, but it took a few days to get a negative PCR result. So getting very minor infections can mean that you need to take time off work."

I am upvoting for this part.

My story: 
I have a daughter - at the first covid wave about 4 years old. Her father was at that time the main source of income though I was working part-time at that time as well. I was in a role of a primary caregiver in the weeks without kindergarten (due to covid) . We had no nanny or parents in town to help us out. My roommate offered me help with time to time looking after my daughter but she was clear about the fact that she doesn't enjoy the time with my daughter and so I wasn't really into "forcing" her too much. 
Even though I saw I was less productive in work because I was constantly looking after the kid. And I was a less patient parent for her because I was stressed out by my undone work. It may sound irrational but it took me a few harsh weeks to realise it is clearly impossible to cover my parent responsibilities for 1000%  as well as work duty 100%.