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(n.b., My comment was referring to a quote in Kat's comment that they edited out at some point after I posted this.)

That blatant misquote is minor in the scheme of things but seems concerning.

Unfortunately it seems like every major EA organisation will have allegations like this against them at some point.

What is the evidence for manipulating voting scores? Feel free to say you can't share, but if it can be publicly evidenced in some way, as it seems it might, that would be more informative.

Essentially, if you received money from an FTX entity in the debtor group anytime on or after approximately August 11, 2022, the bankruptcy process will probably ask you, at some point, to pay all or part of that money back.

This seems important. You discuss "transactions," and when I look up bankruptcy online, it is almost all about business deals that involve an exchange of goods or services between both entities. Am I understanding you correctly that this happens the same for philanthropic donations as it does for business deals?