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 Dr. Johnson

Question: For an 18yr old with treatment resistant depression, how do you stack psilocybin assisted treatment (or others you are actively researching) against current standards of treatment with respect to risks/side effects?  If this were your child, would you consider this and where would you point a parent for more resources?

Additional context: My son who turns 18 this month has been struggling with treatment resistant depression (3 different ssri’s, snri’s) and some social anxiety triggered and  exacerbated by covid realities. There is some familial genetic disposition to anxiety and depression. He has been researching (Michael’s Book, etc.) and wanting to try a psilocybin treatment. I’m an LCPC myself and have been paying close attention to research. My concerns include: Age and brain development.  How to find a competent provider given current regulation. Ensuring high quality integration. And weighing it against risks/side effects of legal therapies such as ketamine, ECT, and the slog of more long-term antidepressant meds that take a long-time to find out they are helping.