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I frankly find this response, at first glance, to be not nearly risk-averse enough for my tastes, but I can't for the life of me find a compelling alternative that is not vulnerable to some sort of counterintuitive conclusion. So my response is generally "let he who is not Dutch-bookable cast the first stone."

The second video seems really interesting to me, as someone who's into moral philosophy. The first video personally falls into "it's bad on purpose to make you click" territory, though.

For the record, if anyone is willing to coordinate a split of global poverty and animal rights EAs who wish to improve their optics, even at the expense of epistemics, from EA as a whole, I would gladly be willing to assist, despite not being in that group. Let me know if anyone wants help on this.

I wonder why CEA feels the need to comment on what seems to be a personal matter not relating to CEA programming. While I understand how seductive it can be to criticize someone who has said something reprehensible, especially when brought to light with a clumsily worded apology, I wonder if this really relates to CEA, or whether this would have been a good time to practice the Virtue of Silence.

I'd advise any sufficiently large grantee to speak to a lawyer on this.

EA has been on an upward trend for quite some time, regardless of what's happening in the current news cycle. Furthermore, most news coverage in reputable papers I've seen didn't even mention EA, and that which did often presented EA as a victim in this fraud, rather than a perpetrator.