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Underinvestment at the top: what I discovered coaching a dozen EA leaders

Thanks for the detailed post! Public posts on projects as personal as this like this can be a bit scary to  write, and I really appreciate the openness and detail. 

As someone who has known him for a fair while, one thing I think this post doesn't quite do justice to is how genuinely lovely and helpful Tee is. Coaching - like therapy - gets a lot of its efficacy from the relationship between coach and coach-ee, and so I'm not surprised by the positive feedback showcased above. 

Tee is unlikely to comment on how great he is, so I'm going to do it here instead :)

This was arrestingly sweet of you, Peter. Thank you. It's one of the best things that's come out of writing this post. I hope these types of comments get normalized in the community more broadly! 


Mind Ease: a promising new mental health intervention

Hey Gregory,

Thanks for the in-depth response.

As I'm sure you are aware, this post had the goal of making people in the EA community aware of what we are working on, and why we are working on it, rather than attempting to provide rigorous proof of the effectiveness of our interventions.

One important thing to note is that we’re not aiming to treat long-term anxiety, but rather to treat the acute symptoms of anxiety to help people feel better quickly at moments when they need it. We measure anxiety immediately before the intervention, then the intervention r... (read more)